Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stage 4 Preview San Salvador de Jujuy to Calama - Hola Chile!

Stage 4 kicks off with a massive liaison. As of this post, the riders have been leaving the bivouac at San Salvador de Jujuy enroute up to 4600 meters as they cross into Chile. What will the stage bring? Coma wanting to capitalize on his stage 3 win and carry that momentum? Despres wanting to stretch back out from the less than comfortable 14 seconds he now holds over Coma? Will it be Chaleco wanting to show everyone that they are now in his back yard? What about a surprise attack from Goncalves, Street, Viladoms, or Ze Helio? What about Ullevalsetter? Will he be able to come to grips with the 450 that has tormented him in the early stages.

No matter what happens by the time we get to the Bivouac at Calama, Stage 4 looks to be one to start separating the herd. Today, the riders will climb to new altitudes, cross new latitudes, and will certainly come away with new attitudes about what it takes to survive. Sit back, enjoy, F5's at the ready boys...

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