Monday, January 3, 2011

The new look

...leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to navigating to future information beyond the days stage. It is there though, even if the links have not been made active.

A little tip is to go to the live timing for the days stage. Clicking the live timing link will automatically take you to the map which shows the stage of the day highlighted. Click that and you will see a pathetic amount of the daily details, but that's just my assessment. To get to the future stages, simply change the URL of the stage number to reflect the stage desired.

For example clicking live timing at the time of this post takes me to Stage 2.

To get to stage, say 11 for example, simply take the same link and change the stage number.

As a shortcut, simply use these.

Stage 01

Stage 02

Stage 03

Stage 04

Stage 05

Stage 06

Stage 07

Stage 08

Stage 09

Stage 10

Stage 11

Stage 12

Stage 13

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