Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luis Belaustegui Arrives at the Arica Bivouac...

...Unfortunately too late after stage 6. While the details have been hard to clarify, it looks as though after a long stage 5 and a night spent in the desert on stage, a late arrival for the start of stage 6 meant Luis began the timed section with no sleep. Rumor is that he took the start of the stage and found a spot to sleep for a few hours during stage 6 on Friday.

Per ASO adjustments, Luis had until Saturday at 6pm local time to arrive at the rest day bivouac in Arica, Chile. Reports look to be surfacing that he did not make it in time and indeed Luis is listed on the withdrawals list as of this time. With the withdrawals list being the kiss of death, although he is apparently lobbying for the ASO to reconsider, once a rider makes the withdrawal list, they are rarely, if ever seen to continue on.

Sad to see Luis go, he made a wonderful go at it and it is encouraging to know that it was not a mechanical issue on the little 150 two stroke that signaled his retirement from the rally.

Felicitaciones Luis! We hope to see you back!

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