Sunday, January 9, 2011

Early Scare Puts Jonah Street Fans On Edge

Along the route, between waypoint 3 and waypoint 4, Jonah stopped with what he originally thought to be terminal engine failure. Speculating that only after some moments of despair and communication with race control and a mention of the ever looming sweeper truck, Jonah turned his attention to the bike and discovered not an engine problem but an electrical one. Ever resourceful, Jonah traced and repaired the gremlin and started the stage again in a bid to regain the hour plus lost.

For Jonah's fans salivating over the time refreshes, it was moments of panic only to be replaced with moments of elation as he once again popped up on the timing sheets, at race pace, and moving along. Consolidating what could have been disaster, Jonah finished the stage in 53rd place provisionally. He will suffer a bit in the overall standings, so far dropping to 14th place, but there is quite a way to go. 

Go Jonah.

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