Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marcos Patronelli Out?

(Translated from Spanish)

Mark Patronelli, Dakar Rally Champion 2010 ATVs and who started the currentcompetition is still in full recovery of the fractured fibula he had during training in late November, suffered a further drop today and evaluate abandon the test.

"I see now with family and friends, but I think that this ends for me to Dakar. Lament forthe people, by Argentina, for the good vibes. I put everything, but when things do not go,do not go, "said Marcos, after the third stage joined Jujuy Tucumán.

Mark Patronelli suffered today, during the course of the third stage, a blow to one kneeafter a new fall and so is thinking of deserting from the competition.

"Everything is complicated. Yesterday I also had a small stroke and came barbarictoday, but the floor is very treacherous. I took the gravel and went outside. I went flyingbut fell back on one floor, I was lucky, " he said in remarks Patronelli to the press. The first day of competition Marcos was penalized six hours starting late.

"The quad was 25 meters from the runway and the climb was very steep, so I went looking and came as 15 people Salta and Jujuy. ropes and we got about 20 minutespulling out", he added.

Also, the pilot of Las Flores said: "I are announcing everywhere that I have to stay still. I will do the Dakar to come. Maybe there is a possibility that long morning, but I have hit hard knee, I have a very large hematoma "concluded Mark Patronelli.

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