Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Yet In Top Shape

It's official, Fretigne out, Zé Helio in.


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David Frétigné be due to the injury of the Rally Dakar 2011 omit the Oil Libya and will be replaced at BMW Motorrad Zé Helio.


Zé Helio takes over for David Fretigne at speedbrain


Motorsport Magazin.com - The French professional rally driver David Fretigne, the Dakar 2011 with an injury not the team by BMW Motorrad speedbrain to the start go for. His starting place of the experienced Brazilians Zé Helio. Following promising tests and the successful development of the brain speed BMW 450 RR motorcycle racing with David Frétigné lay great hopes on a strong idea of the French at the Dakar 2011th He was, however, the practice race, the Rally Oil Libya, plunged hard and had injured his back.


Meanwhile, David was again on track to return motorcycle. The long healing process and the lack of training time allow it but, unfortunately, not 100 percent fit to compete in the Dakar. Therefore, there was the joint decision of the team to send Zé Helio him into the race.




David Frétigné: "The Dakar 2011 starts in a few days, and I hope that my team BMW motorcycle by speedbrain very successful in this new adventure cut I hope the fantastic work is rewarded by the developer and engineers with the expected good results.. My heart of course, hurts with the tremendous training effort that I have done since my accident. I thank you for this the team Presport in Perpignan, and especially Chris Millet and Dr. Christian Fournols and my family and my friends (especially Rodolphe Schwartz) are. Unfortunately, my injury not so much healed, I would be able to top form to take such a long rally. I'm going to the race, which will certainly be an unforgettable adventure to pursue with passion. Especially Frans, with whom I have worked a lot on the bike and tested I personally wish all the best and great success, and I'm sure he will do his best. I will keep training to get back in top shape as quickly as possible. "


Helio Jose Gonçalves Rodrigues Filho from Brazil, is known as "Ze Helio, now occupy the fourth place team. The five-time winner of the Rally dos Sertões in Brazil, after the Dakar is the second longest rally, you know the BMW G 450 RR already, having on it in July denied the Brazil-rally, but unfortunately due to technical defect in the lead all the chances to win had buried.


Great opportunity


Zé Helio: "I am looking forward to this great opportunity, in the Team BMW Motorrad to dispute by speedbrain the Dakar I will make every effort to provide the team with a good result and would like for my retirement at the Rally dos Sertoes the opportunity. use to demonstrate the potential of the bike and my abilities. David, I would like a more speedy recovery and see you soon in an upcoming race. "


On 1 January are thus available for the team by BMW Motorrad speedbrain following pilots at the start of the Dakar 2011:


Frans Verhoeven, Netherlands

Paulo Goncalves, Portugal

Pedro Bianchi Prata, Portugal

Zé Helio, Brazil

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