Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New date for Libya Rally Raid 2011

Straight from http://www.libya-rally-raid.org, Rally postponed due to the current political crisis. As if anyone should be surprised. A long wait, but hopefully it’s long enough to allow the political dust to settle. Better a delayed Libya Rally than no Libya Rally.

New date for Libya Rally Raid 2011

The new date for Libya Rally Raid 2011 is definite:
We'll be going to Libya from the 15th  - 29th of October 2011!

Due to the unrests in North Africa we had to cancel the rally, that was planned to take place in March 2011, to ensure the participants' and staff's security, and are now postponing the event to October 2011. We thank everyone for understanding and hope for a clarifying of the situation in the people's interest.

Ready to go to Libya

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